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Chris Haugen



Chris has 10 years of experience as a counselor. Most of his work has been in chemical addictions with clients who were involved with the criminal justice system. He also performed assessments for clients on United States Probation and Pre-Trial Services.


Most recently Chris helped firefighters from across the country with posttraumatic stress at the International Association of Fire Fighters’ Center of Excellence, a residential treatment center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It was a life changing experience for him, and he continues to be fueled by the treasured memories of the firefighters that he worked with there.


Chris attended graduate school at Boston University where he completed a Master ofSocial Work and a Master of Education degree in policy, planning, and administration.Chris’s practice will be limited to adult clients. He will be seeing individual clients aswell as running several trauma groups for our practice. Chris is well versed on manytreatment modalities including EMDR.

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