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John Caruso


John has over 15 years of experience providing direct care in the field of mental health (inpatient, outpatient, emergency room and private practice). In addition, he has over twenty years working as a fire fighter, Emergency Medical Technician and a critical incident stress management provider with the Howard County, Maryland Division of Fire/Rescue. In private practice, he maintains a focus on providing cognitive behavioral therapy as a symptom management tool for trauma and PTSD related diagnoses. John has a special interest in working with EMS, firefighters, police, & military clients. As a seasoned clinician, he has provided a variety of services to contracted organizations from critical incident response, grief support and corporate downsizing.

John is an approved trainer through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. John was instrumental in redeveloping the Howard County Fire/Rescue Critical Incident Team. He led a team of Howard County Fire/Rescue personnel to the Washington D.C. Naval Yard and the Columbia Mall following high-profile, large-scale incidents.

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